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Original Pumponator! 3 In 1 Air And Water Balloon Pump Filling Station Refill Kit! Includes 500 Balloons, Ties, Fills with air or water in seconds! Reusable!

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Brand new The Original Pumponator! 3 In 1 Air And Water Balloon Filler Water Balloon Pump Filling Station Water Balloon Refill Kit

The Easiest Way to fill Regular & Water Balloons! Fills in Seconds! Includes 500 Balloons & ties! Reusable! When you run out of Balloons just add more!

Portable water balloon pumping station. Comes with 500 water balloons and strings for tying. Whether you are competing or just having fun in the backyard, you will love the Pumponator. It is simple, easy to use and portable. You can take it with you camping, football games, parties or anywhere you want to have water balloon fun. Just fill the container with water and go. No more frustration with the runaway water hose or blowing up balloons until you are out of breath.

  • Place a water balloon on the nozzle, pump 8-10 times, press lever
  • Water instantly pressurizes the balloon
  • Water is optional
  • Will inflate using air only
  • Use the strings for tying while still on the nozzle