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New 1 Package HERB SEEDS 15G SHISO PERILLA! Green & Red

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Herb Seeds 15G-Shiso Perilla Frutescens Green & Red Seeds Chinese Specialty Herb Sesame Leave Organic Non-GMO Vegetable Garden Seeds for Planting (Shiso Seeds)

  • High Quality Shiso seeds Intended for the current and the following growing season.
  • &Red Shiso produces a distinct cinnamon / clove like scent and tastes much like cumin when consumed.
  • &Shiso leaves are often used for medicinal purposes, as well as culinary purposes. The oils can be extracted and the leaves can be used as a medicine to fight against the flu and the common cold. Shiso leaves can also treat minor asthma symptoms and other respiratory issues.
Basil is commonly used in Chinese medicine in China, but Japanese people often use it for cooking, especially when eating sashimi. It is also used as a vegetable or tea in a few areas in China. Basil leaf is also known as Suye. It has the functions of relieving symptoms and spreading cold, qi and stomach, attending a cold, cough, fullness of chest and abdomen, and nausea and vomiting. The seed is also known as Suzi, and has the function of relieving cough and asthma. Perilla grass can be distilled perilla oil, seed oil is also known as oil, long-term consumption of perilla oil for the treatment of coronary heart disease and high blood lipids have a significant effect.