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New Italian Cookbook: Over 100 Classic Italian Recipes Included (Italian Cookbook, Italian Cooking) Paperback

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New Italian Cookbook: Over 100 Classic Italian Recipes Included (Italian Cookbook, Italian Cooking) Paperback, 216 Pages

Are You Looking For Delicious Classic Italian Recipes That Will Leave Your Family & Friends In Food Heaven?

If so, that is exactly what will happen once you follow the recipes.

It is divided by the 20 Italian Regions the recipe was founded so you can understand where the food came from (a great topic for dinner conversation), and you'll get a genuine taste of the Italian food that the Italians have mastered.

Here is a sample of the Italian Regions and Recipes:

Region 1: Abruzzo
Patellette (Triangles), Cannelloni di Scripelle, Gnocchi with cabbage, Lamb with cheese and egg, Pan Spare-Ribs Soffioni

Region 2: Basilicata
Fusilli with spicy calamari, Tagliatelle and fagioli, Sardines with bread and oregano, Cuttlefish and peas, ‘Pan in the oven’, Scarcelle

Region 3: Calabria
Tagliolini with liquorice, greens and ricotta, Eggplant minestrone, Shepherdess pasta, Rabbit in vinegar, Lamb cutlets in the pan, Mostaccioli

Region 4: Campania
Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino, Linguine with zucchini pesto, Ravioli, Capresi, Nun’s eggs, Eggplant poppet, Migliaccio

Region 5: Emilia-Romagna
Ragu, Bolognese, Green Lasagna of Modena, Pappardelle romagnola, Chicken with mushrooms, Bolognese veal cutlets, 5 minute cake

Region 6: Friuli-Venezia
Giulia Bucatini with pork trotters and artichokes, Radish and polenta soup, Friulian rice and beans, Anchovies in tomato sauce, Rambasicci Bread and almond cake

Region 7: Lazio
Spaghetti carbonara, Bucatini amatriciana, Rigatoni with broccoli, Mozzarella carriages, Saltimbocca, Little wine donuts

Region 8: Liguria
Genovese minestrone, Reginette with marjoram, Sweet and sour cod, Ligurian mushrooms, Kisses

Region 9: Lombardia
Pumpkin minestrone, Milanese risotto, Milanese asparagus, Milanese cutlets, Ossibuchi, Pan meino

Region 10: Marche
Vincisgrassi, Fettuccine with bacon and artichokes, Spinach and eggs, Baked anchovies, Cod bocconcini, Sweet bread

Region 11: Molise
Macaroni molisiano, Timballo, Tripe Lamb with mint (preserved)

Region 12: Piemonte
Agnolotti di magro, Cavatelli with bacon and pumpkin, Risotto with Castelmagno and hazelnuts, Asparagus in melted butter, Rabbit with peppers, Pannacotta

Region 13: Puglia
Orecchiette with greens, Zite, Sangiovannello Mussels with rice and potatoes, Mussels with rice and potatoes, Spicy beef rolls, Intorchiate

Region 14: Sardegna
Spaghetti with lobster, Gnocchi with sausages, Gnocchi with peppers and sundried tomatoes, Artichokes and onions, Sardinian beans

Region 15: Sicilia
Maltagliati with agrassatu, Pasta alla, Norma, Eggplant parmigiana, Frittata with asparagus and artichokes, Frittata with asparagus and artichokes, Granita

Region 16: Toscana
Pennette alla boscaiola, Artichoke cake, Farinata, Huntsman’s chicken, Pappa col pomodoro, Chocolate semolina cake

Region 17: Trentino-Alto
Adige Straw and hay tagliatelle, Barley soup, Apple and speck risotto, Val Pusteria polenta, Stracotto

Region 18: Umbria
Umbrian spaghetti, Strangozzi Pork chops with tomato and potatoes, Cipollata, Umbrian broad beans

Region 19: Valle d’Aosta
Turnip soup, Gratin Messy polenta, Savoy cabbage soup, Potato frittata, Torcetti

Region 20: Veneto
Pasta and beans, Pasta and anchovy sauce, Risi e bisi Rice cabbage and sausage, Sopressa sausage with polenta, Sandcake

Go ahead and take the opportunity to preview the book and sample the delicious Italian recipes.