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220 lbs Offset & Cantilever Umbrella Base with Wheels, Sand Water Filled! This base helps you secure your umbrella firmly in place & firm in windy conditions! (Umbrella NOT Included) Retails $508+ Tax

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Brand new in box! 220 lbs Offset Patio Umbrella Base with Wheels Sand Water Filled! (Umbrella NOT Included) Retails $508+ Tax

Key Features

Filled with Water: Designed for offset and  cantilever umbrellas, this base weight can help you secure your umbrella  firmly. And this base weight can weigh up to 260 pounds when filled  with water, and keep umbrella stability in windy conditions.

  • Easy to Fill and Empty: This base weigh stand comes  with two built- in fill spouts, which allows you to fill water quickly.  Twist off the cap on the top of the base to fill with water. In  addition, the built-in drainage hole is convenient for emptying water.
  • Easy to Move with Wheels: Built-in four flexible  wheels, this base effortlessly moves to any area of your backyard or  patio. In addition, the height of this umbrella seat wheel can be  adjusted by the rocker. When you want to fix the umbrella stand, you can  use the joystick to raise the wheel.
  • Heavy Duty Structure: Constructed of durable PE  material, this hard base weight can support the offset or cantilever  patio umbrella firmly. After an excellent blow molding process, it also  has weather resistance and long-lasting quality, which can protect from  sun, rain and fading.
  • Wide Applicant Base Weight: Comes with a cross base  underneath that can be connected to your umbrella pole or disconnected  if your umbrella pole already has a cross base. Reliable umbrella base  weight can be used in multiple scenarios, perfect for patio, garden,  courtyard, porch and poolside.

This is powerful base weight that can perfectly fix your offset umbrella even in windy conditions.    The combination of durable PE material and excellent blow molding technology, it can ensure weather resistance and long lasting use. This umbrella base weight comes with four adjustable wheels for easy moving. Most importantly, you can fill it with wet sand so that it can weigh up to 260 pounds, ensuring the stability of the umbrella. Also, the easy-to-fill filling ports can help you fill quickly without wasting time. In addition, this base weight stand comes with built-in drainage hole for emptying water easily. Even better, this base weight has a removable cross base for convenient using. And unique appearance adds elegance to your outdoor space, perfect for patio, garden, courtyard, porch and poolside.    If you are looking for it, don't hesitate to buy it!     Made of high quality PE material with blow molding process Up to 260 lbs when filled with wet sand 2 filling spouts are convenient for rapid filling Drainage hole for empty water quickly The black surface is stain resistant and easy to maintain Perfect for outdoor places such as garden, courtyard, porch and poolside 4 adjustable wheels for easy moving Rocker adjusting wheel height Convenient removable cross base included.  

  • Color: Black
  • Material: PE, iron
  • Overall dimensions: 33" x 33" x 8"(L x W x H)
  • Net weight: 36 lbs
  • The weight of filled with wet sand: 260 lbs
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Umbrella stand
  • 1 x Instruction