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Awesome Dinosaur Colouring book by William Stout! Paperback!

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Brand new Awesome Dinosaur Colouring book by William Stout! Paperback! 96 Pages!

Customize your favourite dinosaur drawings from acclaimed artist William Stout with this deluxe all-ages colouring book.

For decades, acclaimed illustrator and movie artist William Stout has been transporting viewers into the lost world of the dinosaurs. Through his children’s book The Little Blue Brontosaurus, which formed the basis for The Land Before Time animated series, to his murals of prehistoric life and visionary designs for dozens of films, Stout’s award-winning artwork immerses you in places real and imagined to encounter fascinating creatures. 

Now you can personalize dino-master William Stout’s thrilling illustrations and create your own prehistoric realm. From long-necked Apatosaurus to horned Zuniceratops and, of course, mighty Tyrannosaurus rex, over eighty dinosaurs are featured within, each of them hand-drawn and precisely rendered in pen and ink among the flora of their era. To journey through time to the kingdom of the dinosaurs, all you need are pens, pencils, and a bit of imagination.