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Awesome Superfly Screaming Flying Sock Monkey! He can fly 50 Feet & screams! Kids Love it!!

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Brand new Awesome Superfly Sock Monkey! He can fly 50 Feet & screams! Kids Love it!!

Nothing lightens the mood like a Flying Screaming Sock Monkey. If your cubicle neighbour has a case of the Mondays, launch a Flying Screaming Sock Monkey over the partition. If the kids stare at the TV like zombies, yank them back to reality the Flying Screaming Sock Monkey way. This is one of those inexpensive toys that gets played with way more than the fancy $50 gift. For birthdays, holidays or any day, surprise kids ages 5 to 105 with the Flying Screaming Sock Monkey. Sure to be your new favourite go-to gift, stock up on Flying Screaming Sock Monkeys before they all fly away!

  • Ages 5+, Fun For Kids & Adults!
  • Slingshot Mechanism
  • Slings Up To 50 Feet, Screams When It Hits Ground
  • 55% Acrylic, 25% Polyester, 20% Cotton
  • 100% Polyester Fill, 12" Tall