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Brand new 50 Ft Expandable pocket hose! Designed to never tangle up, twist or kink!

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Brand new 50 Ft Expandable pocket hose! Designed to never tangle up, twist or kink! 

The Pocket Hose is lightweight, portable, and convenient design. When not it use, it is so small that it can literally fit right in your pocket.

Just turn on the water though and it will grow and grow up to as long as 100 feet depending on length you purchased. Turn off the water and it shrink back to it’s original compact size.

In its compacted state, the Pocket Hose weighs only around 1 lb. You can easily move it around or store it and hang it anywhere you like. So replace your dated and bulky hoses with the new Perfect Hose.

In addition the Pocket Hose is designed to never tangle up, twist or kink. This means you won’t ever have to untangle another garden hose again.

The Pocket Hose works great for any task. Whether is watering your plants, lawn, or garden, cleaning your vehicles, washing your patio and windows, and more. Thanks to its lightweight design it is so easy to handle.

  • A full size hose that fits right in your hand or pocket
  • Turn on the water and watch it expand to full length
  • Turn off the water and watch it shrink back
  • Super lightweight – weighs only around 1 lb
  • Long and strong enough for any job when expanded
  • Does no kink, twist or tangle
  • 50Ft Hose