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Brand new SleepDream Medical care Continuous Coil 9 Inch Mattress! Made in Canada!

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Brand new SleepDream Medical care Continuous Coil 9 Inch Mattress! Made in Canada! 

Twin/Single: 38" x 75"
Full/Double: 54" x 70"
Queen: 60" x 80"
King: 76" x 80"

Coil Style: 800 Continuous Coils, Double reinforced edge guard support system

Fabric: Stretchable soft touch fabric

Quilting: Matching Edge Tape, 1" Ultra Soft Foam, 20 Oz Poly for extra softness & comfort, Tack and jump quilting

Comfort Upholstery: 1 1/2" Foam at top & 1/2" Bottom, Double insulated fibrepad, 1/4" foam quilted border

Continuous Coils: Continuous coils, also known as Mira-coils, are made in an S-shaped curve rather than being coiled, and are made from one long wire. These coils provide a more stable and interlinked coil structure. Mattresses with continuous coils have been noted to be more durable. The largest company using continuous coils is Serta Mattress Company.

Coils are known for offering significant support, particularly for heavier individuals and those suffering from back pain. Because of their open-cell design, they are excellent at promoting airflow for those whose body heat rises when they sleep.