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Brand new no box, The RainScarf-Reversible Scarf w/ Waterproof Hood & Pockets-Unisex! The first scarf that reverses to reveal a secret rain hood! Tan & Black! Retails $30+

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Brand new no box,  The RainScarf-Reversible Scarf w/ Waterproof Hood & Pockets-Unisex! The first scarf that reverses to reveal a secret rain hood! Tan & Black! Retails $30+

Wear a scarf that can keep you dry if it starts to rain! Comes in 3 fashion forward patterns. Simply invert the scarf to get the rain proof hood, then flip it inside out again to stash the hood away. Super generous 75″ length, easily protect your hair style when surprise weather hits.

EXTRA GENEROUS LENGTH - 75 inches to ensure a full wrap, keeping you protected in all situation
Chilly day turns to showers? Forgot to take your umbrella? This reversible rain scarf is a must! In case of rain our warm scarf easily pulls inside out to a water resistant rain hood and shawl protecting your hair, complete with two side zippered pockets to hold a cell phone, gloves or wallet.

  • Fashionable Dual Function Scarf for Rain or Shine - Pull inside out for rainproof scarf with hood
  • Reverse side Features Rain Proof Hood and 2 Zipper pockets for Hands, Cell Phones, Cash, e.t.c.
  • Only From Just Solutions (Patent product)
  • Huge success on Kickstarter