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Fifine K669 Shock Mount with Foam Windscreen Reduces Vibration With Pop Filter, Compatible for Fifine K669 Microphone by YOUSHARES

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  • Professional Shockmount - Specially designed for Fifine K669 microphone to reduce vibration and isolate the Fifine K669 microphone from noise, shock and vibrations. Like floor tapping, desk bumping, putting down the drink, rolling your chair, adjusting the boom, etc.
  • Professional Windscreen - The pop filter for microphpne Fifine K669 with acoustically transparent foam eliminate breath and wind noise, reduce pops and ticks to improve your sound quality and provide drop protection.
  • Compact Design - The Mount is compact, lightweight, portable, sturdy, streamlined design. Great For Rising Musicians, Gamers, Vloggers, Voice Over Artists or Podcast Hosts.
  • Boom Arm Capability - Perfectly match the most of boom arm. No adapter is required. Specially double-size thread designed to fit US and EU microphone boom arm.
  • Exquisite Design - Rubber mat between the metal bolt and microphone attaches that prevent scratches from your microphone or mount and will bitter cinch down the bolt.

Are you still bothered by the obnoxious noise, shock and vibrations, like floor tapping, desk bumping, putting down a glass of liquor, adjusting the boom arm during recording, etc.
Aspire removes background noice coming from your desk any vibration disappears like Thanos snapped his fingers.

Choose YOUSHARES’s shock mount, 
Take Your Recording and Streaming to the Next Level.
Our shock mount are designed for Fifine K669 to effectively isolate the microphone from the noise and vibration.

The Advantages of Shock Mounts:

  • Improved Sound Quality: It reduces rumble noise in your recordings dramatically. Improve recording quality, reduce post-production time.
  • Positioning Flexibility: The new hinge is a locking type that attaches to the stand solidly. Easily adjustable to any angle within 180 degrees to the mount platform.
  • Compatibility: Perfectly match the most of boom arm. Works with both US and Euro microphone stands (3/8", 5/8" threads). No adapter is required.
  • Compact Design: Shockmount is lighter weight and smaller, more streamlined design.

The Advantages of FIFINE K669 Mic Windscreen:
Nicely snug on the microphone and does not block any function.
Pop filter reduce background noise plus the "t" and "p" popping.
Improve tremendously your recording quality and save post editing time.

Package included:
1 X Fifine K669 Shock Mount
1 X Fifine K669 Mic Pop Filter

Microphone, Mic Stand Not Included.