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Flex Hose 50 ft Expanding Hose in Carry Bag! Retail $36.99

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Brand new in Carry bag, Flex Hose 50 ft Expanding Hose! Retail $36.99

Typical garden hoses are a pain! They tangle, kink, and storing them takes up too much space. But the Flex Hose is different!

- Expands with water pressure to become a 50 ft garden hose
- Shrinks back to compact size
- Lightweight, no-tangle hose is easy to store, easy to use
- Easy to install, attaches just like other standard outdoor water hoses
- Includes a 7-in-1 nozzle
- Reusable storage bag has built-in drainage holes so the hose dries quickly!

The most convenient garden hose you'll ever own!

Lots of garden hoses claim to be easy to store, easy to coil, and easy to use, but the Flex Hose is unique! Its design features an elastic exterior that expands to a full 50 feet with the pressure of the water from the faucet, and when youre finished, the Flex Hose shrinks back to a compact size you can store anywhere! No mess, no kinks that can damage your hose, and its tangle-free!