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Newest Automatic Touchless Hand Foam Sanitizer Dispenser 500ml N1

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Newest Automatic Touchless Hand Foam Sanitizer Dispenser 500ml N1

Intelligent Non-Contact Hand Wash Automatic Sensor Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Alcohol Hand Washing Liquid Spray Dispenser 500ml

  • (Just hold your hands! Introducing a convenient automatic spray alcohol dispenser. Equipped with infrared sensor, the sensor reacts when you hold your hand, and automatically releases disinfectant. 0.Provides a quick release between 0.3S and a total life of about 50,000 times. With a stylish design, you can install it in your entryway or living room, and you can quickly disinfect it before going home or eating, so you can always keep your hands and fingers clean. It is also designed to help your little ones disinfect their hands as they want to hold their hands. The automatic spray sensor on the disinfection spout automatically releases alcohol disinfectant with just a squeeze of your hand. It is extremely hygienic because it can be disinfected without touching the body.
  • Commercially available disinfectant: This sterilizer can be used with various types of disinfectants and liquid disinfectants such as medical alcohol. Alcohol disinfection can kill about 99% of bacteria, and is highly effective against trend diseases such as flu. Uses a non-contact infrared sensor, so you can easily disinfect alcohol without touching the container. Note: Because the spray port may be blocked, the sticky liquid cannot be discharged.
  • (Excellent Design) The clear bottle body is easy to see the remaining charge and can be easily refilled with sanitizer. By the way, most other liquid alcohol type disinfectants can be used. Battery replacement is not required and requires no screws or tools. Easy to use and useful in your life. It is cordless and can be installed anywhere and is powered by 4 AA batteries. (Batteries are not included, please purchase them separately. There is no messy cords and is lightweight so it is easy to carry. Therefore, it can be installed in the entrance of your home, corporate entrance, study room, warehouse, dressing room, and other places where there is no electrical outlet.
  • Design reflects beauty of functionality: Easy to turn on with a single touch. High Visibility LED Lamp to remind you on and off The ergonomic design and anti-slip ABS material make it easy to hold with one hand, and it does not fall easily. Leak Proof Design Spill proof design and sealed outlet dispenser prevents alcohol leakage and reduces waste. Allows for quick and easy hand disinfection and no cross-contamination In addition, it is IPX4 waterproof, so you don't have to worry about it even in damp places. Great for bathrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more.