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New 16 Inch Square Mermaid Magic Pillow in Red/Silver Sequins with Satin Backing!

Regular price $25.00

New 16 Inch Square Mermaid Magic Pillow in Red/Silver Sequins with Satin Backing!

  • This is a pillowcase which allows you to "WRITE" on it with your finger only. You can write messages and change the colour of the pillow with a swipe of your hand.Want a new look? Just wipe off your pattern and re-do it.Sequin set on is just like the fish scale, one slice of sequin with colour varies each side
  • Fiddle with it and reverse the sequin (expose the concealed colour on the other side)to form the pattern with imagination
  • This is a pillow not just a pillowcase! Cover is not removable!