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New Cloudnine Children's Duck Umbrella! 3-dimensional umbrella fun!

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New Cloudnine Children's Duck Umbrella!  3-dimensional umbrella fun! 

CloudNine Umbrellas for kids! CloudNine Umbrellas introduces 3-dimensional umbrella fun! Each of these adorable, colourful umbrellas is designed with a 3-D feature to add whimsy and fun. A colourful, fun, attention-getter... and useful! 36" arc coverage - keeps your little one dry... although staying dry may not be their idea of fun!

  • CUTEST DESIGN- Your child will look the cutest holding his very own child sized, 36”, duck umbrella with an attached duck beak.
  • SUPER SAFE- The easy push, pull action to open and close the umbrella will not pinch little fingers.
  • RAINPROOF- The sturdy metal frame and waterproof polyester fabric will protect your child from the rain.