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New Flow Tarot: The Tarot of the Water Element Tarot Card Deck Retails $78.95+

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New Flow Tarot: The Tarot of the Water Element Tarot card Deck Retails $78.95+

About the Flow Tarot Deck

The Flow Tarot is the first 78-card tarot deck based entirely in all forms of the water element. Each image is chosen as a portal to connect the element of water to the messages found in the archetypes of the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith tarot decks.

What makes the Flow Tarot unique?

The Major Arcana follows the journey of a single water droplet, the Fool Card, as it travels through many forms of the element. By the World Card, the droplet has come full circle.

Each image and meaning in the Minor Arcana is deeply connected to the lessons you can learn from water. The four suits correspond to four states of water on Earth:

Waves/Wands (salt water, oceans) - goal-oriented, creativity and action
Ponds/Pentacles (fresh water, ground water) - resource-oriented, comfort and stability
Snow/Swords (ice, snow, glaciers) - matters of the head, clarity, principles
Clouds/Cups (rain, clouds, rainbows) - matters of the heart, feelings and spirit

+ All the Details +

• Contains 78 cards. Deck size: 2.75 x 4.75, plastic wrapped