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New FOUCARSI Acoustic foam panels 25x25x 5cm 12 pack black & red!

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New FOUCARSI Acoustic foam panels 25x25x 5cm 12 pack black & red!

As you may already know, sound waves travel in all directions of the room. When they come across obstacles like walls or furnitures, they either bounce off them, creating echoes, or they continue vibrating inside the surrounding structure, as impact noise.Therefore, if we can use the certain sound absorbing materials, you can significantly lessen these kinds of reverberations.

However, what kind of sound absorbing materials should we choose? That must be Acoustic Foam!

  •  PACKAGE: There are 12 packs of soundproof foam panels with 6 black and 6 red colors respectively included in the package and the size of each foam panel is (5*25*25cm).
  • ◆ ACOUSTIC FOAM RECOVERY METHOD: There are two ways to get back to the normal size of pyramid acoustic foam. One is to open the vacuum package and put the acoustic foam in a ventilated place for about 24-48 hours. Another way is to soak the acoustic foam in water for 1 minute. Then you should use hair dryer or let it dry naturally after wringing out the foam.
  • ◆ HARMFUL SOUND ELIMINATION: The sound will become much clearer by using acoustic foam material to eliminate harmful sound. Thus, the sound in lecture room or performance venue will be definitely improved after using this material, meanwhile, it can reduce all flapping, vibrating echoes, waves and reverberation in the room.
  • ◆ THICK & ADVANCED MATERIAL: We use thick material of inflaming retarding and environmental protection for sound absorbing foam panels. Therefore, it can be safely used in some small and medium-sized rooms. The foam panel can well absorb the sound and reduce waves, reverberation and flutter echo.
  • ◆ EXTENSIVE USE: There is no doubt that acoustic foam material is a good solution to reduce cost and a better recording effect can be achieved at home or in the studio. Anyway, you can apply it to various occasions, like rehearsal room, concert hall, podcast, office, church or kennel etc.