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New Hard-To-Solve Brainteasers by Jaime Poniachik, Lea Poniachik

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New Hard-To-Solve Brainteasers by Jaime Poniachik, Lea Poniachik, Paperback, 96 Pages!

Don't try too hard. That's the secret. The solutions to these tantalizing teasers take common sense, not great knowledge of deep subjects. So relax, have fun, and wait for the answers to bob to the surface. Along the way you'll meet a strange collection of humanity: the harem of the Great Tamerlane; Englishmen stranded on a desert island; the twins Peter and Paul, one of whom always tells the truth and one who always lies (you figure out who's lying when one of them answers one question with one word). Solve a murder on a train as four fellow passengers speak only one sentence each. Try this short teaser: The month begins on a Friday and ends on a Friday, too. What month is it? Win bets by shifting coins from one design to another with the fewest moves. Guess your beautiful math teacher's zodiac sign. Take on the fiendishly frustrating Hidden Words and Secret Numbers, and play dominos with no dots. Hints and clues are available along the way, and so are the answers if you try too hard and simply have to have them. 96 pages,