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New, no box! Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion and Lumbar Back Cushion Combo - Gel Infused and Ventilated - Ergonomic Design for Coccyx and Tailbone - Perfect for Office Chairs and Car Seats

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New Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion and Lumbar Back Cushion Combo - Gel Infused and Ventilated - Ergonomic Design for Coccyx and Tailbone - Perfect for Office Chairs and Car Seats

  • 🪑 Gel Infused and Ventilated: Our 2nd generation office chair cushion combo features a revised formula with gel infused memory foam. It includes strategically placed holes to enhance comfort and cooling. Our cushions for office chairs mold to your specific butt, leg, and back curves for customized support
  • 🪑 Lumbar Support Cushion: Thanks to its universal contoured structure, our chair back support is ideal for supporting the neck, upper, middle, thoracic, spine, or lower back. Use our backrest to create a supportive posture setup that cradles the lumbar area to provide long lasting comfort while driving your car or sitting in an office chair. It's also ideally suited for gamers, truck drivers, and elderly men or women
  • 🪑 Seat Cushion for Office Chair: We use a "u" shaped ergonomic design to support the areas where you need it most while lifting your sensitive tailbone, or coccyx, area above hard surfaces. This design provides superior support for the legs, hips, and butt to fight fatigue and discomfort. Our seat cushion features a non slip bottom for increased stability and a breathable mesh cover to help keep you cool
  • 🪑 Heat Responsive Technology Responds Body Heat: The advanced memory foam chair cushions respond to the heat of your body to mold exactly to the contours of your back and bottom. Our gel seat cushion and lumbar support pillow absorb body heat before releasing it through the ventilation holes to help the thick foam padding compress and adjust. The memory foam's elastic nature helps the desk chair cushions maintain their shape after each use

Product Description

Seat Cushion and Lumbar Back Cushion Combo

We’ve combined two of our best-selling cushions and created the ultimate comfort combo set. The set includes our gel-infused and ventilated Memory Foam Seat Cushion & Back Cushion. They’re engineered to provide the perfect blend of comfort and support to minimize fatigue and discomfort.

Our cushions are heat-responsive to conform to your specific body type and density, providing targeted areas with improved support.

Both cushions feature our premium 100% gel-infused memory foam with strategically placed ventilation holes for enhanced comfort and cooling. We’ve coupled it with our hypoallergenic cover to maximize airflow and keep you cool while absorbing heat.

Relax without the need to ever readjust. Our back cushion’s dual adjustable straps can be fixed to any part of a seat back and our seat cushion’s textured non-slip rubber bottom stays secure in any seat.

As you get ready to embark on your next journey on the road or if you just want to sit comfortably at work, using our new Everlasting Comfort cushions ensure you’re always your best self.

Keep your focus on what really matters - leave discomfort behind and get the relaxing, cooling comfort you’ve been searching for.

Seat Cushion and Lumbar Back Cushion Combo

Take your comfort to the next level, anywhere you go. Our portable cushions can go with you on your next trip overseas, or it can stay with you in your office. Go into work knowing we’ve got your back, and your butt, covered with our advanced memory foam technology and ergonomic design that ensure your utmost comfort. Turn any area into a relaxing space for sitting all day, everyday with your new Everlasting Comfort Ultimate Cushion combo set.

Seat Cushion and Lumbar Back Cushion Combo