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NEW Orthohikes® Outdoor Pro - Slip Resistant, Waterproof Barefoot Shoe (Unisex) - Size 7 Mens/8.5 Womens, GREY - Retails $158+

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NEW Orthohikes® Outdoor Pro - Slip Resistant & Waterproof Barefoot Shoe (Unisex) - Size 7 Mens/8.5 Womens, GREY - Retails $158+

Traditional winter shoes often tightly constrict your feet, resulting in severe and uncomfortable pain during extended wear. With the ORTHOHIKES® Outdoor Pro, you can banish these concerns and guarantee your feet maximum comfort.

The specially crafted barefoot interior, featuring a spacious toe box, not only provides your feet with essential room but also conforms perfectly to your foot's contours. Say goodbye to sore feet and embrace the pure comfort and delight of winter walks with the ORTHOHIKES® Outdoor Pro.

✓ Breathable Material - Give your feet the freedom to breathe and alleviate stress on your joints. This is particularly essential for reducing irritation and discomfort associated with conditions like neuropathy and arthritis.

✓ Natural Gait - Barefoot shoes encourage a natural walking pattern, fortify the muscles in your feet and legs, and prevent body aches. This proves especially beneficial for individuals with plantar fasciitis, relieving foot pain and promoting healing.

✓ Enhanced Blood Circulation - Direct contact between your feet and the ground, facilitated by barefoot shoes, enhances blood circulation in the feet and legs. This not only contributes to overall improved circulation, and reducing fatigue, but also plays a crucial role in managing neuropathy symptoms.

✓ Spacious Toe Box - The generous toe box, in combination with the flexibility of barefoot shoes, allows your toes to move and spread freely, fostering foot strength and flexibility.

✓ Versatile Functionality - The lightweight and breathable nature of our barefoot shoes make them an exceptional choice for daily wear, providing comfort and support for a variety of foot health conditions.