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New Ponder Putty Heat/Glow/Magnetic 3 Pack – Boredom Busters

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New Ponder Putty Heat/Glow/Magnetic 3 Pack – Boredom Busters

idgeting and creativity are good partners. Ponder Putty gives three times of both!

Children will have fun as they play with this set of Ponder Putty. Each pack has unique qualities for hours of fun! Who knows what amazing ideas they’ll think up!

Heat Sensitive:

Sensitive to your touch and body heat, watch this change from a cool-hand purple to a hotsy-totsy pink.

Super Magnetic:

It’s really MAGNETIC! It bends, stretches, bounces, but also attracts anything metal. Pick up your loose paper clips with it or experiment with the powerful magnet inside.


A little light will go a long way in making this Glow-in-the-Dark putty cast an awesome green glow! You might consider it for your next Halloween costume accessory. Try bouncing it in a dark room, or play a game of catch at night!