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New Royal Bamboo Knot Cocktail and Hors' D'Oeuvre Picks, 7 Inches, Brown, Package of 100

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New Royal Bamboo Knot Cocktail and Hors' D'Oeuvre Picks, 7 Inches, Brown, Package of 100

Look sharp! Bamboo knot picks add a delicate, elegant style to any appetizer tray. Offering a more refined look than traditional toothpicks, they will enhance the appearance of every dish, leaving your guests impressed.

Highly durable, bamboo offers greater strength than traditional wood picks. This allows bamboo picks to hold even more weight without breaking or splintering.

Perfect for any event! They are ideal for serving appetizers and hors d'oeuvres, as well as fruits and cheeses. Customers will appreciate their addition to sandwiches, wraps, burgers, and sliders. They can also be used to create mini skewers of meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables.

  • STYLISH AND PRACTICAL! These picks can be used to pierce burgers, sandwiches, or sliders. The pick helps hold these foods together, and offers a refined look to any dish. Serve appetizers by spearing food items and displaying them on platters or trays.
  • SERVING APPETIZERS is easy with these bamboo knot picks. Simply spear a few small pieces of items such as fruit, cheese, vegetables, or meats to create fresh mini skewers. Artfully arrange on a platter to create an elegant appetizer display for all of your guests.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: These knot picks are made entirely of bamboo. They are completely biodegradable and can be thrown out with food waste. They are the perfect option balance of eco-friendly and convenient.
  • PERFECT FOR PARTIES AND EVENTS! These bamboo knot cocktail picks are perfect for any function. Their delicate, elegant appearance brings a sophisticated appearance to any appetizer display.
  • CONVENIENT and SANITARY: This product is a one-time use item. As a disposable item, they help reduce the time required to clean up after events or parties, or in restaurant kitchens. One-time use items can be a more sanitary alternative to reusable items.