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New Speedo Sprint Goggle, Adult! 95-Percent UV protection Antifog lenses

Regular price $40.00

New Speedo Sprint Goggle, Adult! 95-Percent UV protection Antifog lenses

The contact points to your skin around your eye is made of soft foam that is very comfortable for long training sessions, or just for recreational purposes.

  • Speedo FIT Sprint Goggle, Clear
  • Size | adult: one size
  • Construction | PVC and latex free
  • Speedo's G.O. FIT System: Middle Eye Fit provides a comfortable fit for a wide range of faces, the gasket rests within the eye orbital with a less restricting feeling.
  • 100% Latex-free
    • Comes completely assembled with adjustable strap
    • Silicone strap for secure fit
    • Adjustable nose bridge so it may be customized to your face for optimal fit
    • 95-Percent UV protection Antifog lenses