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New Tiger's Eye Paperback By Kate Spuler, 407 Pages!

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New Tiger's Eye Paperback By Kate Spuler, 407 Pages!

Tiger's Eye: Find Yourself Before They Do.

A thrilling game of cat-and-mouse through a dystopian future. Will Carla evade the pods and bring the children home?

From the Back Cover

Stripped of her freedom and torn from her family, Carla is forced to mine the powerful Tiger's Eye gemstone craved by the oppressive new world. She must find a way to escape the Compound before it's too late. Her only hope is a mysterious friend - but can she trust him?

Evading drones and scouring crumbling cities in her desperate search for answers, Carla must stay one step ahead of the feared Commander in a perilous game of cat-and-mouse. Will she unravel her true identity in time to help the rebellion destroy the Compound, or will the children lose their only hope of seeing their families again?