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New Toncur 40" Trampoline for Adults/Kids! Retails $184+ Non-slip, waterproof, and skin-friendly, safe & super quiet!

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New Toncur 40" Trampoline for Adults/Kids! Retails $184+ Non-slip, waterproof, and skin-friendly, safe & super quiet!

  • 【DURABLE AND HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN】The 2022 ALL NEW Toncur 40” mini trampoline is made of industrial-grade stainless steel structure, connected by springs. The weight-bearing is up to 330lbs. (=150kg) The springs are covered with a safety Oxford fabric protective cover, which effectively prevents the toes from getting stuck in the gap.
  • 【PROFESSIONAL AND STABLE JUMP】The pad of the Toncur trampoline has been tested millions of times. The PP material makes it have excellent resilience and ductility and will not deform within 10 years. It also has the characteristics of non-slip, waterproof, and skin-friendly. After jumping, you only need to clean the surface of the pad with a wet towel.
  • 【COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT】It only takes 5 minutes to install the trampoline in 3 simple steps(with video guide). It can be folded twice, and the folded size is less than 1/4 of the original size. Easy to put in the trunk or under the bed.
  • 【SAFETY AND SUPER QUIET】We provide you with 6 detachable rubber-tipped legs. It is worth mentioning that we also give you 6 non-slip suction cups for free. They effectively reduce the noise to 40dB. While protecting your safety, they can also protect your wooden floors.

Toncur Mini 40" Fitness Trampoline, Delivers Safe and Reliable Bungee Jumping!

Founded in 2015, Toncur focused on research, design consumer health and personal care products such as trampolines, massage guns, etc. Toncur has sold over 15 million massage guns, millions of trampolines in 12 countries worldwide, and will continue to produce high-quality products.

Bringing the gym to your home, indoor activities will distract you from this crisis in this unusual time.

Home workout on the go! Health is your best wealth! Toncur ST-02 High-end can help you reduce going out and enjoy sweating after exercise.

Stay with your family. Enjoy a happy time with your kids by using the Toncur ST-02! The cost-effective mini foldable trampoline can help you own and protect it even at home

Toncur assures you: Our trampoline uses Toncur assures you: Our trampoline uses commercial-grade stainless steel. Before leaving the factory, each trampoline has undergone 1,000 bounce experimentsand 95% of the parts are installed and then sent to you to ensure the safety of you and your family.