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Readers Digest Everyday Garden Solutions, Hardcover, 256 Pages.

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Brand new Readers Digest Everyday Gardening Solutions. Hardcover - 256 Pages.
The Gardener's Problem Solver tackles a wide range of gardening topics, from planting seedlings to how to kill slugs and other pests. Each of these 500 most-commonly asked questions is answered by a panel of experts from the National Gardening Association, and featured boxes provide additional information. For ease of reference, the questions are split among four main chapters-The Basics, Landscape Gardening, Flower Gardening, and Vegetable Gardening-and then further subdivided into subsections such as Climate and Weather, Composting, Lawns and Ground Covers, Roses, Bulbs, Fruits, and Herbs. Find the answers to such questions like:
  • What are heirloom vegetables?
  • What kind of creatures should be found in the compost bin? And do they help the compost process?
  • What are the best vegetables to grow in containers?
  • How do I prune my roses? How do roses respond to light and heavy pruning?
Produced in partnership with the National Gardening Association, this book also contains climatic-zone maps showing rainfall and temperature worldwide, a detailed glossary, and an extensive index. This detailed and extensive problem-solving volume is an asset to any gardening home library.