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Reusable Hot Cold Lower Back Therapy Pack with Therapeutic Gel Beads! Damaged Packaging, contents are perfect!

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Brand new Reusable Hot Cold Therapy Pack with Gel Beads, Best Ice Bag for Back Pain Relief, Non Toxic Flexible Hot and Cold Compress for Lower Back Pain, Swelling, Sports Injuries! Damaged Packaging, contents are perfect!

Don't take back pain lying down! If you’ve ever done one rep too many, bent the wrong way or been frozen by a back spasm, you know there’s no pain like back pain. The persistent throbbing can knock you off your feet—and lying down stiffens what already hurts. We have a better solution. Our generously sized Back Wrap provides fast, penetrating relief for upper, mid or low back pain. It’s perfect for abdominal cramps and muscle tenderness on large areas of the body. The adjustable strap keeps it comfortably in place. Chill it in the fridge or freezer, or pop it in the microwave. The pack retains its therapeutic temperature for a full 20 minutes, so you can numb the pain with analgesic cold, or let the soothing heat release your knotted muscles. You’ll get big relief in no time.

  • ✅ Gel Beads comfortably adjust and conform to your back. The Gel Pack can be Frozen as Ice for Cold Cure or Heated for Hot Cure
  • ✅ Adjustable Velcro Elastic Strap provides a Firm, Snug Fit around your Lower Back or Torso
  • ✅ Soft Velvet Rear Cover Spreads Heat or Cold Evenly, eliminating direct contact between your skin and the beads
  • ✅ Reusable Gel Brace can be Frozen or Heated in Microwave. Ideal for Sport Injuries or Post Surgery Relief
  • ✅ Non Toxic and Leak Proof, the Medical Grade Gel Beads are Durable, Comfortable and Easy to Use