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Brand new in Box! As Seen on TV! Holiday Light Saver Kit! Tangle Free Holiday Light Storage...Instantly! Retails $24.99

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Brand new in Box! As Seen on TV! Holiday Light Saver Kit! Tangle Free Holiday Light Storage...Instantly! Retails $24.99

At last! Now there’s an easy way to pack away, store and reuse holiday lights, garlands, party decorations and more…tangle free. Just pull lights thru amazing Holiday Light Saver™ and they are instantly encased inside a protective bubble-wrap type sleeve. Just slide lights out quickly and cleanly for time-saving, hassle-free, tangle-free hanging in a fraction of the time. Great for icicle lights, net lights, LED strings & garlands. Even C5, C7 & C9 lights! Contains 108 Feet (6 Bags) of poly tubing to bag & protect.

The Holiday Light Saver puts an end to the annual hassle of untangling Christmas lights.

You stick one end of the light string into the kit which encases the lights in a reusable plastic sleeve that prevents them from tangling with other strands. It can also be used to protect garland and icicle lights.

When you’re ready to re-use the lights you can easily slide them back out of the sleeve.

From Reviews Online:

"We purchased this last year for ourselves and our kids. We all love them. It is so easy to pack a string of icicle lights - takes about a minute. When we were putting them back up this year, we laid them out in the bags. We were able to reuse the bags again this year. Not a single tangle"

"It's simple and it works. Every year we have been fighting our Christmas lights especially the icicle and net lights. Tried this product and it works beautifully. I was able to put two icicle strings per plastic sleeve. Of course I had to try it out and they slipped out beautifully and totally untangled. I reused the plastic sleeve as the instructions said by reloading it onto the tube and feeding the lights back through. What a space and time saver especially when it comes to putting up next year in the cold and wet season. Even husbands and teenagers can be trained to use. Highly recommend"