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Turn your iPad into a versatile productivity machine with the Flexbook 6 in 1 Keyboard Case for 10.2 and 10.5'' iPad from TYPECASE. Retails $120+

Regular price $120.00

New Typecase KB201N-102BLK-B-A 10.2 & 10.5 in. Flexbook 6 in 1 Keyboard Case for iPad, Black! Retails $120+

  • #1 BESTSELLING KEYBOARD CASE IN 2019: A stylish finish with grip-enhancing tech & smart business-grade protection make our high-quality hard clamshell case uniquely ideal for home, work & travel. The quiet keyboard's spacious layout & 10 backlight colors provide the freedom to read, browse & work anywhere at any time.
  • 360 REASONS TO SMILE: Rotate the screen 360 degrees to effortlessly display your work presentation, watch your favorite show or read a new book while you enjoy your iPad a little more, even when you’re out and about! Whether you’re a blogger, writer, designer, professional or student, the Typecase iPad keyboard case offers you a smart, stylish and practical solution to your everyday needs. The simple and elegant style makes it great for any accessory combo as well (stylus holder & more!).
  • SMART PROTECTION: Auto sleep/wake protects and conserves battery life while the durable polycarbonate shell with impact-resistant corners and reinforced aluminum hinge protects the rest. All 10.2 inches of your retina display are further protected by durable, 10,000,000 stroke-certified keys. The keyboard arrives in a premium hardshell, gift-ready box and includes an external USB charging cable and, our highly-praised product manual (with full-color photos!) that makes setup a breeze.
  • ULTRASLIM DESIGN: Combining our industry-leading keyboard design and adding more spacious chiclet keys means a more satisfying and tactile typing experience for you. With productivity maximized touch typists rejoice! The ultra-thin case is lightweight, portable, & guaranteed to get complements.
  • Compatible with 2019 iPad 7 (A2197-MW752LL/A & A2200-MW752LL/A & A2198-MW6C2B/A), 2019 iPad Air 3 (A2152-MUUK2LL/Az & A2153-MV162LL/A & A2123-MV0E2B/A) and 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 (A1701-MQDW2LL/A & A1709-MQF02LL/A). 

Turn your iPad into a versatile productivity machine with the Flexbook Keyboard Case for 10.2 and 10.5'' iPad from TYPECASE. This unique design combines utility and protection, giving you a standard 78-key backlit keyboard and polycarbonate protective shell. The keyboard features laser etched keys, a backlight with 10 different colors, and three lighting modes to make typing in dark areas easier. The internal, rechargeable battery operates for up to 10 hours of backlit typing and 90 days of typing without the backlight.

Case for iPad 10.2 2019, iPad Air 10.5 2019, iPad Pro 10.5 2017

Features. 10-Color Backlit Keys. Polycarbonate ShellSpecifications. Size: 10.2 & 10.5 in.. Color: Black. Weight: 2.2 lbs- SKU: ISTR399087
• Typecase KB201N-102BLK-B-A 10.2 & 10.5 in. Flexbook Keyboard Case for iPad, Black


  • iPad 10.2" 7th Gen (Wi-Fi Only) | A2197: MW752LL/A, MW782LL/A, MW762LL/A, MW792LL/A, MW742LL/A, MW772LL/A
  • iPad 10.2" 7th Gen (Wi-Fi/Cellular, US/CA) | A2200: MW6X2LL/A, MW712LL/A, MW6Y2LL/A, MW722LL/A, MW6W2LL/A, MW702LL/A
  • iPad 10.2" 7th Gen (Wi-Fi/Cellular, Global) | A2198: MW6C2B/A, MW6F2B/A, MW6D2B/A, MW6G2B/A, MW6A2B/A, MW6E2B/A
  • iPad 10.2" 7th Gen (Wi-Fi/Cellular, China) | A2199: MW6Q2CH/A, MW6U2CH/A, MW6R2CH/A, MW6V2CH/A, MW6P2CH/A, MW6T2CH/A, MA712LL/A, MA501LL/A, MB384LL/A
  • iPad Air 3rd Gen (Wi-Fi Only) | A2152: MUUK2LL/A, MUUR2LL/A, MUUL2LL/A, MUUT2LL/A, MUUJ2LL/A, MUUQ2LL/A
  • iPad Air 3rd Gen (Wi-Fi+Cell US/CA) | A2153: MV162LL/A, MV1F2LL/A, MV172LL/A, MV1G2LL/A, MV152LL/A, MV1D2LL/A
  • iPad Air 3rd Gen (Wi-Fi+Cell Global) | A2123: MV0E2B/A, MV0P2B/A, MV0F2B/A, MV0Q2B/A, MV0D2B/A, MV0N2B/A
  • iPad Air 3rd Gen (Wi-Fi+Cell China) | A2154: MV0U2CH/A, MV112CH/A, MV0V2CH/A, MV122CH/A, MV0T2CH/A, MV102CH/A
  • iPad Pro 10.5" (Wi-Fi/Cellular) | A1709: MQF02LL/A, MPHH2LL/A, MPMF2LL/A, MQEY2LL/A, MPHG2LL/A, MPME2LL/A, MQF12LL/A, MPHJ2LL/A, MPMG2LL/A, MQF22LL/A, MPHK2LL/A, MPMH2LL/A
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